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How To Order Suits

A perfectly tailored suit or jacket requires careful measuring and fitting, but if we have  created a suit or jacket for you in the past, we can supply additional garments based on our records of your previous visits to our shop. Simply use the form below to let us know what you desire, and we will contact you by e-mail or by fax to confirm your order and to discuss styles, fabrics, payment and shipping options.

Even if you have never visited our shop, we can easily create custom suits for you based on an existing suit you already own. Please get in touch with us for further detail at [email protected]

We pride ourselves in offering only the finest English and Italian suiting in high-quality wool and wool-cashmere blends. Our stock encompasses a wide array of colors, textures and weights, ranging from the standard conservative darker tones to lively shades and patterns ideal for sportcoats and suits in a more casual style.

It is impossible to convey the subtle qualities of fine wool suiting on a Web page, so if you are not able to visit our shop and select fabrics in person, we invite you to describe the materials you desire for each suit, jacket or pair of trousers included in your online order. We will select an appropriate match from our inventory, and upon request we will gladly send samples of specific fabrics to you for approval before work begins on your clothing.

When placing your order, the following points may help you describe what you need:

  • Weight — Do you want a light-weight “tropical” suit, or a medium to heavy fabric for colder climates?
  • Color — Describe your color choices to the best of your ability, or feel free to send us a color sample to match.
  • Weave — See the guide below for descriptions of the most common weaves used in wool suiting.

Please indicate your fabric choices and collection using the fabric numbers listed in each image or explore our full fabrics selection below. For existing clients, please use contact us page and we will find your measurements without needing to fill the form.

  1. Plain Weave
    This most basic of all fabric styles provides a clean, simple look.
  2. Bird’s-Eye
    Somewhat more textured than plain weave, bird’s-eye fabrics feature a fine diamond pattern with a tiny dot in the center of each diamond.
  3. Twill
    The diagonal ribs of twill fabrics make for a tight and durable material with only a hint of texture.
  4. Herringbone
    A variation of the twill weave in which the angle of the ribbing reverses direction at regular intervals.
  5. Houndstooth
    Another variation on the basic twill weave in which contrasting colors of yarn create a jagged checkerboard pattern. The introduction of more than two colors of yarn makes for some highly attractive combinations for sportcoats and casual suits.
  6. Pinstripe
    A popular choice for conservative business suits, normally in black, gray or dark blue. Stripes can vary in color, spacing and subtlety of contrast between stripes and background color.