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Our Heritage

For over 50 years, our bespoke tailor in Bangkok has dressed some of the most influential figures around the world since mid 1900s. Our master tailors are ready to dress you in the most elegant of suits and clothing that are certain to elevate your presence.

The legacy begins…
Jesse’s father, Iqbal Singh, migrated to Thailand from a town near the Indian-Pakistan border. He settled in Ubon Ratchathani where he opened a textile trading shop near a US Air Force base. Soon, he switched to a tailoring in order to supply the clothing needs of military personnel. This was the period of the Vietnam war and as tensions escalated so did the amount of military personnel at the US Air Force base. As the war came to an end, the US Defense attache’ suggested Iqbal relocate to the capital city, Bangkok.
Moving to the City…
Iqbal relocated to Bangkok near Sukhumvit Soi 4, a close distance from the US embassy on Wireless Road next to the Landmark Hotel Bangkok, where it stands today.
Tailoring Tales…
The rest is history! Ever since it’s inception, statesmen, generals and agents have graced our hole-in-the-wall shop. Rajawongse Clothier has been fortunate to have tailored suits for both Presidents from the Bush family, Senator John Kerry and former Homeland Security czar Tom Ridge. Nancy Reagan even had a dress designed by them to match a curtain backdrop for a television interview she was giving.
In the 90s, the shop also underwent refurbishment and renovations.
The legacy continues…
As dedicated as ever, the father-son duo Mr. Jesse and Mr. Victor Gulati, passionately work at the shop ensuring the finest quality and craftsmanship for each esteemed client. There is no better guarantee of quality than having them take care of your requests. At Rajawongse Clothier, our clients become our lifelong friends.
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50+ Years of Experience

Embark on a bespoke journey and you will never want to look back. Indulge yourself in a true bespoke experience where each and every detail of your physical detail is thoroughly measured out by hand to ensure nothing but a perfect fit. Our bespoke method is guaranteed to bolster your attractive features while smoothing the flaws. Our detail goes beyond to include even your favorite timepiece or your pose habit.

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