What is a bespoke suit?

A bespoke suit is made from scratch, usually by 2-3 tailors with your exact measurements. It comes with your chosen fabrics, pattern and is supposed to be tailor to enhance your features while at the same time hiding flaws if any. At Rajawongse Clothier, your bespoke suit takes 3 separate fittings to ensure a perfect fit taking into account your pose, any equipment or accessories you may wear and your preferred style.

At our tailor, we hand-tailored some of the best bespoke suits in Bangkok which are recognized worldwide to the point that many clientele fly to Bangkok to tailor one. With superior craftsmanship, our half-canvas bespoke suit made from the finest Cashmere wool is more durable than anything off the rack and according to our esteemed customers, you be frequented with compliments.

What is a Made-to-measure suit?

You can think of a made-to-measure suit as an improved version of a ready-to-wear one.
Once you select the style, you will be measured and the selected suit is sent back to a factory to work on your specific measurements, resulting in a better fit.

A made-to-measure suit usually offer a wide range of fabrics, buttons, trimmings as it is closer to off the rack suits which can be more experimental than bespoke ones. Nevertheless, the level of fit would not be as good as a bespoke. Imagine the S shape your back and waist make and how many measurements needed to trace that into a suit, that is the difference between a bespoke and made-to-measure suit.

What is a Ready-to-wear suit?

This is an off the rack suit which you cannot customize each specific area to fit your size. All the measurements and cuts are pre-determined by a designer. The clear benefit would be to have more variety and zero waiting time. While this is a more popular alternative, you will most likely find that the suit will fit well in some areas but leave other areas too long, short, or loose – thus tailors created made-to-measure.

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