Common Suit Fabrics

When buying a suit, not only one considers how the suit is made but also which fabric it is made from. In a hot country, a lighter and breathable fabric is more suitable but the opposite holds true for the cooler areas of the world. But which material is good then?


The most popular choice known for its versatility and refined look. This natural material breathes well and is suitable for both warm and cold weather. It is usually soft and wrinkle-free but may have some drawbacks for those who look for a slim fabric.
There are many types of wool such as flannel, cashmere, merino, worsted and more.


On its own or as a blend, cashmere is a rather luxurious and shiny material that would give your suit a good shine. It might not be very suitable on its own when dressed for work due to its excellent shine, but a perfect fabric for casual settings.

To create the best look that would elevate your presence, Rajawongse Clothier suit are made with a blend of cashmere and wool of the finest quality so you can always look your best in any occasion.


Sometimes you will come across cotton suits which allows superb wearbility due to its softness. However, the nature of cotton can make a suit look rather sloppy and since there is less sheen it does not look as luxurious as a wool one. Cotton is perfect for semi-formal look for outdoor events. We recommend a heavier cotton or wool & cotton blend to help a suit retain its silhouette.


Known for its lightness and coolness even in hot days, Linen suit is a good choice for summer but tend to wrinkles easily. Linen looks more casual than cotton or wool and is mostly worn for semi-formal events.


Polyester is a synthetic material and usually comes blended with another material such as wool to cut on production costs. It does not breath very well and is more prone to wrinkles than wool but less than linen. Overusing it could make the suit looks cheap thus we would recommend a polyester & wool blend to increase overall quality.