Your First Bespoke Suit: A Journey into Luxury with Rajawongse Clothier

Every mans first suit is a journey into the world of luxury. A step further is being fitted into a bespoke suit at Rajawongse Clothier. A renowned Bangkok Clothier celebrated for their impeccable craftsmanship and personalized service.



The process begins with a consultation at their store set in the heart of Bangkok. At the store you can expect to be greeted by the warm, knowledgeable staff and the owners Jesse and Victor, a father and son duo. The store reminiscent of old world charm, is stark contrast to hustle and bustle of the streets of Sukhumvit. In the store you have a myriad of fabric to choose from, classic wool to luxurious cashmere blends for suits and Egyptian Cotton for the shirts. As you immerse yourself in the world of men’s fashion, you learn of the subtle differences in texture, weight, and durability that distinguish one material from another.

During your first visit, your measurements will be taken. What this means its that unlike ordering from off the rack, every suit is made to measure. What a bespoke suit calls for is precise measurements according to the contours of your body. The skilled tailors of Rajawongse Clothier take precise measurements, ensuring that the suit fits you perfectly. The attention to detail is what sets them apart, including ensuring your cuffs include room for your watch, it’s the little things that matter.

Choosing the suit’s design is definitely the most exciting part of a bespoke tailoring experience. You can customize your suit to your preferences. From colour, cut, lapel style, button placement and the design of your lining. This approach allows you to create a suit that reflects your individual style and preferences.

Ideally you will have two separate fittings after your measurement is taken. The first appointment involves having the body of the suit placed on you while the sleeves are fitted. During this process finer details are taken into consideration, to ensure your suit fits like a glove. The final fitting is when the full suit is ready to be tried on to see if any last minute changes need to be made and if you are happy with the overall look. The fittings are a good time for you to see your suit come together piece by piece. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with seeing a suit that has been hand crafted for you is unparalleled.

A custom suit made by Rajawongse Clothier is than just a purchase, it is an experience. Right from the first appointment till you get the finished suit, you are involved in the process. Come to Rajawongse Clothiers to transform your wardrobe, with true craftsmanship our suits are the perfect complement to your attire. With bespoke suits come personalized monogrammed cuffs and suits with your name in the inside of your jacket, making it unmistakably created for you. A suit from here is the perfect definition of quiet luxury, it will elevate your look and will ensure you stand out in a crowd.

Rajawongse Clothier, nestled in the the heart of Bangkok, has a legacy of more than 50 years in the Bespoke Tailoring Business. With clients like the former Presidents of the United States of America,

Both George Bush Senior and Junior, Barack Obama, members of the FBI, members of the law enforcement and diplomatic community from various countries around the world, they have earned a name for being the best in the Bespoke Tailoring industry in Bangkok.