Having the correct suits in your closet is crucial when it comes to dressing for success. The appropriate suit can make all the difference when attending a formal event, wedding, or business meeting. As you begin to add suits to your wardrobe, take into account the knowledge of a Bangkok tailor, who specializes in custom fitting. The following are the kinds of suits that every man should own:

The Classic Navy Suit

A man’s closet must have a navy suit. It is adaptable and appropriate for social gatherings as well as business meetings. A good tailor can create a custom suit that fits flawlessly and boosts your confidence and presence.

The Classic Black Suit

A black suit is a must for any male attending formal events including weddings, galas, and funerals. Choose from a basic black suit or a tuxedo made to your exact measurements. An attractive and timeless sophisticated style can be worn for years on end without needing to be replaced. Keep in mind the quality of the fabric, the fit and style when buying a suit.

The Gray Outfit

Depending on the situation, a gray suit can be dressed up or down and is ideal for corporate settings. A grey suit is also called a wardrobe opener as it is an essential piece of every man’s wardrobe. Versatile in function, it can be worn to different types of events and doesn’t have to be as rigid as a formal black suit. A steel grey colour is pretty common but you could play with the shade of grey that suits you the best.

The Patterned Suit

If you would like to step away from the classics and would like a statement piece, a patterned suit may be the one for you. Whether it’s a subtle pinstripe or a bold check, a well-crafted suit stands out while maintaining a polished appearance.


Ideal for warmer climates and summer events, a linen suit offers a relaxed yet refined look. A custom suit made from high-quality linen will keep you cool and stylish during hot weather. A factor to keep in mind when buying a linen suit would be that it can get wrinkled easily during each wear, maintenance is a little more difficult with this type of suit.


For a more casual yet polished look, a blazer paired with custom trousers is essential. This combination offers versatility and can be mixed and matched with various shirts and accessories. With well fitted shirts and pants, a single blazer can complement your wardrobe and add an air of sophistication to even the most casual outfit.


No suit is complete without the perfect shirt. A custom shirt tailored for you ensures a flawless fit and adds a touch of luxury to your outfit. Choose from a variety of fabrics and styles to complement each of your suits. You can look beyond your usual colours, whites, blues and greys. A little experimentation and play with colours could help you create a style that is unique to you.


Bangkok is renowned for its exceptional tailoring services. Whether you need a custom shirt, suit, or tuxedo, a Bangkok tailor offers unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Here are some reasons to choose a bespoke tailor in Bangkok:

  • Personalized Fit: A custom tailor in Bangkok ensures that every garment is made to fit your unique measurements, providing unmatched comfort and style. A little added touch includes your initials being stitched into your suit and shirt, if you’d prefer it. Nothing says custom like your name adorning your suit jacket.
  • High-Quality Materials: From luxurious fabrics to durable linings, the best tailors in Bangkok use only the finest materials. If in doubt about the material, do your research on which tailors have a good reputation, from other customers. Word of mouth and a little research goes a long way to find suits made with a wool-cashmere blend.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, tailors from the city create garments that stand the test of time.
  • Variety: Whether you’re looking for a classic suit, a custom tuxedo, or a bespoke shirt, a Bangkok suit store offers a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Investing in a custom suit, shirt, or tuxedo from a Bangkok tailor not only enhances your wardrobe but also ensures you always look your best. With these essential suits in your closet, you’ll be prepared for any occasion that comes your way.

Rajawongse Clothier has been a reputed bespoke tailor in the city of Bangkok for more than 60 years. From tailoring suits for multiple American presidents to custom making clothes for secret service and diplomats from around the world, they have steadily built a reputation for delivering perfectly handcrafted suits that fit like a glove, satisfying customers around the world. To own your suit you can email victor@dress-for-success.com.